kernels of truth

The new year began with a blast from the past when a girlfriend ran into the ex. “He asked after you, hoped all was well,” she relayed of the husband 18-years-past.

It was really nice to hear after so long. We hadn’t parted on the greatest of terms, but who does without a Hollywood agent to write the press release?

He’s actually been on my mind a bit lately. We share not only the same profession – which is in some turmoil – but the same birthday.

He, being a year older to the day, has just turned 50 – and approaching my own golden jubilee, it has me thinking about the lessons of the past half century.

Being a slow learner I still make many of the same mistakes, only by now – being pretty self aware – I’d have to say they were deliberate.

There is no else to blame.

Too many people live in a world sadly distorted by the splinters in their eyes, their view skewed by always looking backwards through the prism of the past.

They hang onto unhappy and hurtful experience like they were gems, and just as time threatens to dull them, they’re whipped out and polished furiously until they shine anew.

All of us will be bruised and battered to some degree by life.

What, I’ve learned is that it’s what we take from these experiences that determine the quality of our futures.

That, and there’s no dish on earth that cannot be improved by the addition of toasted almonds.


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