dead reckoning

It has all the makings of a sci-fi movie: evil phone app lures innocent drivers into the desert where they thirst and die

But for the hapless drivers who one after the other found themselves stranded in the Murray Sunset National Park by a dodgy Apple iPhone navigational app, the Orwellian script became frighteningly real.

In the past few months police have been called to rescue no less than six people who have become lost en route to Mildura by slavishly following maps apps.

A dozen more subsequently reported being bogged in sand and driving round in circles without phone reception for hours before eventually making their own way out of what is essentially desert.

It’s not uncommon for drivers to take a wrong turn, sometimes fatally, on the advice of their sat navs.

Around the world there have been countless recorded cases of people heading the wrong way down motorways, getting stuck under low bridges and even winding up wrong country altogether using navigation devices.

Part of the problem is that we have become so dependent on technology we are no longer using the software between our ears.

Common sense should dictate that an unmarked sandy desert track is unlikely to be the best or fastest route any where.

But such is the blind faith in gadgets people are following them like lemmings, quite literally off cliffs and into the path of trains.

People are increasingly unable to lift their heads, look around and think for themselves.

This is a worrying course for the future.

Set as new destination: Unknown.



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