mooning around

My brother-in-law recently expressed interest in buying some real estate.

He has in mind some acreage by the sea, which is hardly original except this is an ocean with no water

The plot in question in on the north-west “shore” of the Sea of Tranquillity – described as “a premiere lunar location” by Earth’s leading lunar real estate agency.

The moon has once again become a hot destination: strategically as a launching pad for further space exploration and economically for its reserves of helium 3 for use in fusion reactors which some believe will solve the world’s energy problems.

The notion of strip-mining the moon will not only upset environmentalists, but devastate romantics.
La Bella Luna not only dictates the rhythms of our lives, but gently illuminates walks hand-in-hand along the sand. Who hasn’t longed to catch a moonbeam?

Sadly the world’s first moonbeam collector – a five-storey high multi-mirror marvel built in Arizona – has closed indefinitely.

It seems no one was buying inventor Richard Chapin’s idea that his $2.3 million Interstellar Light Collector which can gather and focus the light of the moon with the “precision of a Swiss watch” might provide a cure for everything from depression to cancer.

But what if everyone was dancing in the moonlight? Would it be so bad?

Given the choice between mining the moon for nuclear power and bathing in its light to investigate possible medical benefits, I know which I’d prefer.

There is a Chinese proverb that when a finger points to the moon only an imbecile looks at the finger.


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