the lovers, the dreamers & moi

They’re back and – judging by the huge hoarding on the freeway – they haven’t aged a bit.

It’s hard to believe he’s 57 now and that she first karate chopped her way out of the chorus line in 1976.

I catch myself beaming at a billboard, absurdly pleased at the return of these much-loved old friends.

It is funny how a foam frog and a pig in a wig has come to define a generation.

Generation Y can keep its adenoidal spike-headed boy with the chronic liver condition and eat his shorts.

For those of us who hail from kinder, gentler times it’s Kermie forever.

Who knew when Jim Henson created the first Kermit out of one of his mother’s old coats with ping pong balls for the eyes he was pulling a philosopher prince from the primordial pond?

An amphibian with attitude who taught us that while it wasn’t easy being green we should cherish individuality and embrace our diversity.

Of course Kermit’s voice was always Henson’s and when he died it seemed for a time The Muppets lost their way.

Now, just when the world seems to need a little Mahna Mahna, Kermit, Miss Piggy, The Swedish Chef (bork, bork!) Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and the rest of the crew have returned.

It is a film very much in the spirit of Henson: emphasising the importance of community, family and friends over material stuff.

It offers the reassurance that “someday we’ll find it.”

La dada de dada, da dum

La dada de dada de doo


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